About Us

Welcome to Mammalo;

a new platform designed to help connect local professionals in a wide variety of roles with clients looking for their services. We cut out the middle man and bring both together in one easy to navigate space. No longer do you have to worry about where to look now the only question is who do you chose and the verified profiles of local professionals make that a smooth and simple process.

The name comes from a blend of Mamma, Italian for mum, and Local. Whenever we have a problem our first instinct is always ask Mum – she always had all the answers! We want to provide that same service to you in your local area. Let Mammalo be your first port of call whenever you need a helping hand.

We have divided the services into four main categories: Home Maintenance; Beauty and Personal Care; Home Tuitions and Hobbies; as well as Events and Socials. Within each category is more specific sections such as Electrician, Personal Trainer, Language Teacher, DJ and so on. Everything under one roof in an easy to navigate manner means you don’t have to waste any time surfing the web seeing random listings from a laundry list of websites.

Our verified profiles are another way in which we have fostered an easy to use platform. Professionals can fill their

profile with their own information, certifications, previous work and more so potential clients can see exactly who and what is on offer. It is your chance to get your service noticed, or even to turn your hobby into a profitable business.

We can show you exactly what you’re looking for so avoid wasting time or any potential disappointment by coming to Mammalo and finding a professional’s profile that suits your needs. Whether you’re in need of a plumper, photographer, physical therapist or even a pottery class come to use and take your pick from our wide variety of professionals.

Let us help you to reach potential clients, and for consumers let us help guide you to the exact trusted hands you’re looking for. Mammalo it.