2019 Hairstyles To Watch Out For

2019 is here and those shorter days are finally starting to ebb away, no longer can you hide in the darkness that is the winter months so it’s time to start looking after yourself a bit more. If you fancy brightening up your life with a new hairdo then let’s take a look at the 2019 hairstyles that will be making waves this year.


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Blunt Bob

As ever retro is in, and these 70’s inspired minimalist bobs are set to become one of the hottest trends of 2019. Not only will this be a much greater fashion forward look it’ll also make things much easier for hairstylists the world over. Gone are the complex layered finishes and they are to be replaced by these much blunter and simplistic styles.

What’s more is that we expect to see this take off in a major way as the blunt bob is a more of a one size fits all hairstyle, no matter your face shape. This works because the length can be easily adjusted to one that suits the wearers face, along with the thickness, to create a style perfect for you. If you’re someone that struggles to pull of the latest styles, then the versatility of the rounded bob means its definitely one for you.



Rounded Bob

Not too dissimilar from the blunt bob, the rounded bob is another retro hairstyle that’s making a huge comeback. Rather than a blunt cut with no layering, the rounded bob has minimal layering in order to make to the cut appear more rounded, hence the name.

The rounded bob is typically cut around the circumference of your head on the same level as your mouth or jaw, and again the length is variable depending on your choice. Typically, the length can range from ear level down to just below the shoulders, and rounded off with a nice cut fringe across the top.



Greys and Silvers

Greys and silvers have been slowly taking off over the last year and it looks like they’re not going anywhere, great news for those early greys who want to embrace their natural beauty. Not only are people aging into their greys with greater elegance, but some are actually choosing to dye their hair grey to embrace this new fashion.

A few tips for getting the most out of your grey: even those of us who are turning grey naturally rarely do so overnight, if you want to try and accentuate the process or at least help it stand out, try cutting your hair shorter to let that silver shine. Additionally, if you’re going to dye it yourself, make sure you pick out the right colour and don’t be afraid to do a test patch first to be sure it’s for you!


celebrity grey silver hair


For the fellas

This year we have two promising 2019 hairstyles for the guys out there, though the two couldn’t be more different. First off, we have the messy man bun, a natural progression to the man bun which has swept the world these last few years but this one requires decidedly less effort, just grow your hair and tie it up, stopping only for the occasional trim. Simple!



The other of the two men’s 2019 hairstyles, diametrically opposed to the messy man bun, is a the buzzcut. The buzzcut has typically fallen out of style over the last few years but it’s coming back in force. The only problem is that it’s much harder to pull off. No hair means your features are all that’s on display, can you imagine yourself with a buzzcut or is it something you should avoid?



These are just a few ideas for 2019 hairstyles, so if you know what you want and you’re ready to get it then book your cut on Mammalo today