basic makeup tips and tricks

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Drawn from our own experience as well as advice from the professionals, we’ve put together a list of some great basic makeup tips and tricks for your makeup application for you to go bold and beautiful. Accentuating your already gorgeous features to make you look even better than your best. The eyes of the fashion world fall upon London this September and we want you to be the center of attention.


Sometimes you might need a professional to lend a helping hand, and they’re called make-up artists for a reason. The best place to go is Mammalo and you can browse through the profiles to find the perfect verified professional for you. Bridal, prom or just simply wanting to feel great, whatever the occasion we have the beautician for you.

basic makeup tips and tricks


Bright Eyes

Subtlety is dead, long live bold beauty and self expression. Put away the nude tones and the modest hues as now is your time to shine. Strong beautiful eyes deserve to sparkle so make yours bright this autumn. We’re going to talk you through one of our favourite basic makeup tips and tricks for a stunning pink shine. We recommend ColorPop’s Pretty Much Palette or Urban Decay’s Backtalk palette but we’ll guide you with general terms so you can use your brand of choice.

To start use a fluffy blending brush and apply your brightest shade of pink into and slightly above your crease. Next use a denser brush and apply a slightly darker shade of pink over your eyelid and blend it into the crease and the brighter shade above. Use a deeper pink, leaning towards red, around the eye and the corners to create a gradient. You could try using a setting spray on the brush to get a more concentrated colour. Now grab your first fluffier brush and make sure the different shades are blended. Next use the first two shades of pink in the opposite order on your lower lash line, apply with a pencil brush for more subtlety and precision.

A key element of pink eye shadow is to separate the colours from the whites of your eye. Use thick black mascara to add definition and make sure your lashes stand out but more on that below.


basic makeup tips and tricks


Long Lashes

While many of us rely on false lashes, if you want to avoid them and to naturally have stunning lashes here are a few basic makeup tips and tricks. First things first, curling should always be your initial step before applying any products – and we recommend the Shu Uemera Curler as the best in class.

Next you should apply a black or inky primer as that way it completely blends into your mascara and you don’t have to worry about it leaving any residue, even after your mascara is applied. When using your mascara you need to think about both the brush and the mascara’s formula as they are equally important. Your mascara brush should have its longest bristles on the end as this naturally wings your lashes and gives them a stronger presence; check out the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Angel and its winged brush.

Meanwhile you want your mascara to be the deepest black you can find as it enhances presence and definition. A often forgotten tip is to use a water-resistant mascara, in the muggy weather we’ve been having or in warm rooms some mascaras may struggle to hold their form and make your lashes look lifeless after a while.


basic makeup tips and tricks


Luscious Lips

Another of our favourite basic makeup tips and tricks, this September don’t shy away, go for a powerful pink. Ignore the filler and get natural plumper lips with some simple tips. Before applying your lipstick you should have a base coat with a simple hydrating balm; even better if it has peppermint oil which is a circulation enhancer.

After letting the balm settle for five minutes pick a lip liner that’s a shade darker than your lipstick. Outline your lips then fill them in with the liner to make the finished look richer. However your biggest choice is of course lipstick and we’re big fans of bold colours with a formula that is incredibly wear-proof and doesn’t transfer at all – gorgeous and effective but remember to not overdo it.


We hope we’ve helped inspire you to go bold and beautiful this Fall, but if you need a helping hand don’t hesitate and find a verified professional beautician on Mammalo for a make-over or even some helpful beauty tutorials.