Find Your Right Shade of Foundation

Today I will be discussing how to pick the right shade of foundation for your skin colour. This remains one of the biggest challenges in makeup as the skin on your face will never be due to the UK’s pattern of weather change. I will be talking about some tips that will help you pick the correct shade of foundation for your skin colour.

Types of foundation

There are generally four types of foundation.


Liquid foundations help to retain moisture on your skin, they leave you with a dewy finish which will not dry out the skin. They are usually suitable for all skin types from oily to dry, and a combination of the two.


Cream foundations are like liquid foundation however; the texture of the cream foundation is much heavier. This type of foundation is more suitable for people with dry or a combination of dry and oily skin types as the formula is oilier and stickier therefore the oil ensures that your skin stays hydrated.


Stick foundations, considered the high-end foundation, are more suitable for oily skin types and are harder to blend when applied. Avoid if you have dry skin type as this may appear cakey on your face.


This type of foundations has an oil-absorbing property which leaves your skin with a matte finish on the face. Powder foundations are more suitable for oily skin types, but dry and combination skin types can also use this to set the liquid or cream foundation.

Find the undertone for your skin tone

Now let me talk you through finding the correct undertone for your skin tone.

The importance of undertone will determine what foundation colour suits you well. For example, no matter how light or dark your skin really is, your skin undertone can and will vary. You may be able to find a foundation that matches the relative lightness or darkness of your skin, but if the formula doesn’t have the right undertone, it would never be a perfect match. This is something a lot of consumers struggle with.

Types of skin

The complexion on your skin may change in terms of being tanned or having freckles but the undertone will always stay the same.

This can also be categorised under 3 types:

  1. Cool
  2. Warm
  3. Neutral

One way to find out the correct undertone for your skin type is to look at your veins (yes this is really a way). If your veins are more greenish in colour, then you are more likely to be a warm undertone. If they are more purple or dark bluish then you are like to be a cooler undertone. Having a combination of a purple and green then you are more likely to have a more peach undertone, this means it is more neutral.


Remember, the colour of your skin will not determine your undertone!

How to chose the right foundation: tips

Tip 1 – Never check the shade of the foundation on the back of the wrist. Shade of your wrist and your face is different. Best way is to put the foundation on your jaw line and bring it down to your neck. If it disappears into your skin then it is perfect match, if you can see the shade of the foundation then it is not the right match for you.

Tip 2 – Take a selfie with flash when you have applied a shade of foundation. If you appear whiter in the picture, then you know the shade of the foundation is wrong.

Tip 3 – Never test the shade of the foundation under yellow lighting as it will never give you the right representation of your skin tone. Natural light all the way…

Tip if all else fails – Make your own shade of foundation by trying out a mixture of dark and light shades and with trial and error you can end up with the shade that suits your skin.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and found it interesting and informative. Keep tuned for more…