Best Gym Classes

The Five Best Gym Classes

Summer may be over but your new-found dedication to the gym doesn’t need to end too! Before you put on your woolly jacket and think you’re done for the year check out these fun classes that’ll keep you fit. Mammalo’s top five gym classes will keep you right in a sea of endless choices.

We can’t recommend gym classes enough; they’re proven to help burn calories and keep you fit but they’re also a blast. You could always bring some friends along or even make new friends there.

Our top five classes are all professionally led, and being in a group will encourage you to work your socks off too.

Best Gym Classes



We’ve tried our fair share of dancercise classes but Zumba is our unrivaled favorite. Founded in 1999 by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Pérez in 1999 Zumba mixes elements of hip-hop, samba, salsa and more with aerobic exercises.

The tagline “ditch the workout, join the party” couldn’t feel more apt as you get fit grooving to the beat. 15 million people across the world participate in Zumba, including us, making it one of the most popular group exercises in the world. Feeling the burn isn’t so bad when you’re cutting footloose and having fun while doing it!


Best Gym Classes



If you prefer your exercise sat down then Spinning might be for you. Spinning takes place on a stationary bike and promotes strength, interval and endurance training. A professional instructor will lead the class by giving instructions on position and momentum.

Spinning dispels the myth that cycling is limited as weights and other exercises means you’ll get a full body workout. The motivating music and coach will make sure you get the most out of the session!

Expect to feel the burn with your legs, but you’ll certainly leave with a smile on your face.


Best Gym Classes



Boxercise is another class that has taken elements of an established sport. Removing the competitive aspects and making it purely a fitness class made it find a whole new audience. You won’t be getting hit as Boxercise is primarily about the exercises involved in boxing such as padwork and shadowboxing.

Boxercise is also known as a remarkably good way to release pent-up stress as you swing away at pads, but also learn discipline and focus giving you a clearer mind.

Endorsed by the likes of Muhammad Ali and Anthony Joshua it’s a surefire way to fitness.


Best Gym Classes


High Intensity Interval Training

The simplest of all the best gym classes to do but potentially the hardest. HIIT is universally endorsed as one of the most effective workout routines. HIIT training benefits are increased lactate threshold, improved aerobic capacity, lasting anabolic effect, and greater sensitivity to insulin; which in English means you’ll burn calories, build muscle mass and your body will better deal with the stress.

At its core HIIT is doing one exercise to the best of your ability for a short period, resting for a minute, then doing another, then resting- rinse and repeat. The time frames and exercises are all adaptable to you.

Take out the worry of not knowing what to do by finding a HIIT class which will offer guidance on what’ll work for you.


Best Gym Classes


Circuit Training

Circuit training is similar to HIIT but less intense and with more guidance. An instructor will have a preset course laid out with each station having a different exercise. Every station will have an attendee, the instructor will yell “time” and everyone moves to the next station.

A great circuit training session will have an incredibly varied course allowing you to work on strength and endurance all over the body. It is easy to do but the benefits rely on how much effort you put into each station.


That’s it for our top five gym classes but if you want more then why not search on Mammalo to find a verified professional personal trainer to help whip you into shape or reach your next goal?