How much do yoga classes cost in London

How much do yoga classes cost in London?

Yoga classes in London are popping up all over the place. We bring you the lowdown on the cost of yoga classes in London plus everything else you need to know!

The  yoga industry is booming and these days it’s arguably more of a lifestyle than a form of exercise in the west​.


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A brief history of yoga

Historians believe yoga practice is more than 5,000 years old. However, experts say it dates back as far as 10,000 years.

The first time “yoga” was mentioned in recorded history is in The Rigveda. This is an ancient, sacred text used by the Vedic priests. These priests, along with the Rishis, refined the practice of yoga. They created the Upanishads, a collection of over 200 scriptures. The most famous of these yoga scriptures is the Bhagavad-Gîtâ which dates back to 500 BCE. These scripts focused on sacrificing the ego through self-knowledge, action and wisdom, and stems much of yoga philosophy as it stands today.


The health benefits of yoga

Yoga can increase your physical strength, balance and flexibility, as well as helping to prevent depression and stress.


cost of yoga classes in London


What’s the average cost of yoga classes in London?

Yoga classes in London have grown exponentially in recent years. And yoga studios are popping up all over the city. Yoga instructors are also running classes in gyms and even their own homes.


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Quick guide to yoga classes in London

When it comes to choosing classes in London, there are many factors that could sway your decision including:

Location: find classes in your local area if possible as you don’t want to travel miles away!

Teachers: do your research to find out how experienced the teachers are and if they offer the style of yoga you want to practice.

Facilities: the facilities at yoga studios can vary from basic that just include the yoga mat to higher end with an on-site shop and juice bar!

The right level: make sure the classes cater for your level. If you’re a beginner it’s  important to get the correct attention from the start. Similarly, if you are advanced you will want to be stretched!!

The cost: most yoga studios have a range of options in terms of price from drop in classes to annual membership. For yoga teachers offering one to one lessons they will usually have an hourly rate for an individual or small group.


Drop in yoga classes in London

It’s usually a good idea to try a out a few drop in classes to see if you like the studio, the facilities and the teaching style. If you are happy, you may decide to purchase monthly membership depending on how many classes you want to attend.


How much are drop in yoga classes in London?

The cost of classes varies significantly. Hot yoga classes tend to be slightly more expensive than regular classes.

Yoga London recently collected data from 100 yoga studios and classes in London and discovered that the average price of drop in yoga classes is £15.50.

However, this included a couple of specialist yoga studios with a higher than normal rate, so if you remove them from the equation this gives you  an average of closer to £13.00.

The majority of drop in classes were priced between £10 and £15. The cheapest of those included in our their calculations was £7.00.


yoga classes cost in London


Types of yoga classes in London

In London you’re never far from a yoga studio and classes with experienced instructors ready to show you how to perfect your technique, build strength and get even more flexible!

You will also find all sorts of classes whether you’re a sun salutation newbie or an experienced yogi! Or maybe you fancy sweating it out in a powerful Bikram class?


Try hot yoga or rooftop yoga!

A couple of classes worth checking out are hot yoga and rooftop yoga:

Hot yoga: is a popular modern yoga performed under hot and humid conditions, resulting in considerable sweating. Some hot yoga practices seek to replicate the heat and humidity of India, where yoga originated. It has been suggested that the heated environment of Bikram Yoga helps to prepare the body for movement and to “remove impurities”.

Rooftop yoga: this is basically yoga with a panoramic view over London!


Yoga is big business!

The yoga market is now worth around £74bn globally. In the UK, “yoga” was one of Google’s most searched-for words in 2016, while the yoga and pilates business brings in £812m a year, and rising.

Whatever your preference, London’s yoga scene has got something for you!


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