nail care tips

Nail Care Tips

We all spend our lives moving at a million miles per hour and working our hands to the bone, but maybe it’s time to take a moment for some self-care with these nail care tips.

Don’t neglect your nails when there are a few simple tips you can do at home to keep them fresh and stunning. Your nails can compliment your look whether they’re an artistic masterpiece or au naturel.


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nail care tips


Keep Them Clean

One of the most important nail care tips is to keep them clean and healthy. Washing your hands regularly means no dirt underneath and healthy skin and nails. We recommend applying natural soaps and using a toothbrush to scrub, this cleans and gently exfoliates your fingers. Though make sure you don’t scrub too hard!

Try to use acetone-free products as well. Acetone is a strong solvent and while effective it can easily damage the enamel and dry out your skin leaving them unsightly. Don’t forget to moisturize too.


nail care tips


Cut Regularly

You should be cutting your nails more or less every two weeks, adjust to your own needs. More importantly you should cut them properly, so take your hand out your mouth; no more biting nails!

Soak your nails in warm water to both clean them and also soften them to make cutting easier. Next always cut straight across, if you have length you can round them at the tip but avoid going too short or into the corners.


nail care tips


Emery On Hand

If you use your hands often, making them prone to wear and tear, always keep an emery board on hand for emergency maintenance. They’re perfect for smoothing and rounding off edges.

The best method is to work in grain with your nail to get a smooth finish. If your nails don’t need it then don’t overindulge yourself. You can do more harm than good with an emery board so judge for yourself if you really need to use it.


nail care tips


Keep The Cuticles

You may be tempted to cut back your cuticles but it is better to resist. Your cuticles serve an importance purpose in protecting from bacteria and infection. Attempting to push them back could leave you with a nasty inflamed nail that is both painful and uncouth.

If you really can’t stand them then we recommend getting a professional treatment. If you’re going to do it yourself then gently push them back with a wooden stick after a shower before massaging them with cuticle cream.


nail care tips


Don’t Abuse Them

As with most good things moderation is key. Over doing any nail care tips can hurt your nails in the long run. They’re a natural part of the body and as such they have their own processes.

Try to let your nails have their time to shine naturally; use acrylics and gel treatments sparingly then let them recover. When you do indulge yourself don’t miss out on the base or top coat and use good products without harmful toxic additives.


Where you can, seek out a professional to keep you right. Don’t forget that Mammalo is the best place to find verified professionals right at your door.