Stylish Makeup Trends For 2019

Pink makeup trends 2019

Now that we’re finally starting to get into the swing of 2019, it’s time to start looking at some self-care and what better way to care for you to care for yourself than by getting a new look. This year’s big makeup trends are comprised of some old favourites and some new contenders so before you choose which one is right for you, let’s take a look at these stylish makeup trends for 2019.

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makeup trends 2019

Bold colours

If you’re tired of the humdrum of muted colours and neutral tones then the makeup trend for 2019 that you can look forward to is the return of bold colours. Purples, Oranges, Yellows, and neon of any kind is set for a fantastic comeback this year.

Vivid colours will help you pop and while they may not be for everyone, don’t be afraid to test the waters. Start out with liners or mascaras, something to really draw the focus to your eyes. They are the windows to the soul, after all.

Lashes and Brows

Big brows and Bigger lashes never went away, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to any time soon either, making them one of the must have makeup trends of 2019. Long lashes look set to get even bigger, though maybe not literally as then you could probably clean the floor with them, but their popularity is here to stay.

When it comes to brows, bigger is also better but don’t forget to keep them tidy. Clean big brows made a splash at Moschino so be sure to keep them shaped!

glitter makeup trends 2019 - Mammalo


Coming off the back of the 80’s disco trend that shaped much of last year’s fashion trends, glitter is still expected to stick around, particularly around the eyes, or around the house because we all know that you’re never going to be able to get rid of it all.

This glittery makeup trend for 2019 is expected to take on a bit of a different life from last year. This time around, opting for a more messy and haphazard style, rather than perfectly on point, is expected to be the ticket to really helping yourself stand out.

Clean skin makeup trends 2019 - Mammalo

Clean skin

It’s time to put away that foundation and let your skin breathe for once! Runway models ditched the stuff years ago and with global temperatures continuing to rise, this summer looks set to be even hotter than the last. Do you really want to cover up your perfect skin in that sticky weather?

Instead of sweating off your foundation in the scorching sun, why not just apply a dab of shimmer and let your skin show itself off to the world.

Pink makeup trends 2019


Pink never really goes away does it? We keep hearing that it’s blasé and gauche but every year it keeps coming back, and 2019 is no different. Monochromatic is definitely one of the makeup trends for 2019 to watch out for but specifically monochromatic pink. Ideally light pastel shades that can help show off your more natural colours.

This year several big brands have all committed to entire ranges just based off the one colour, and if you combine that with the pastel pinks that look best in Spring then you can see why pink and monochrome are going to be huge this year.


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