Summer Detox

Summer Detox With Mammalo

The sun is out on the streets of Britain; so put away those baggy winter coats and out come the shorts and crop tops. To prepare yourself for summer and to brush away that feeling of winter and to blow away the cobwebs then it’s time for you to have a summer detox with Mammalo.

We can get you fresh and ready to celebrate the sun. Our easy to use platform makes it a snap to search for the verified professionals via their profiles. Find the perfect one for you right at your door, to help you get into that summer mood.



spa at homeOur research (by research we mean our vast experience in the studies of relaxation, by studies we mean experience) shows that the best way to relax is a spa treatment.

Step into your summer detox with a new relaxed outlook and feeling fresh by having your own spa treatment. You don’t need to read google reviews or search around for a spa to travel to; we’ll immediately show you a number of spa providers’ profiles who’ll come right to your door.

We’ll bring you the scented candles, ambient sounds and some reassuring hands to give you the perfect massage.


You’ll find yourself in seventh heaven when you book a spa at home with Mammalo.



nutritionistAs the old saying goes “you are what you eat” and during the winter, if you’re anything like us, you’ll eat everything and anything. We tell ourselves that extra layer will keep us warm but when it comes to summer we regret every bite.


So to start looking and feeling your best again find a nutritionist on Mammalo.


Improve your health and feel better by receiving a personal nutrition plan to balance your diet and reach any goals you have in mind.

Using Mammalo’s verified profiles you’ll find the perfect fit for your summer detox. Nutritionists keep up with the latest nutritional science research as well ass assessing your health needs and diet to provide a meal plan taking into account your costs and preferences. Get it done with Mammalo!


Home Yoga Trainer

yoga teacherGet rid of those summer aches and pains and stretch out for summer by booking a home yoga trainer with Mammalo. Get your exercise is the most relaxed way possible. Yoga is an ancient form of training that focuses on strength, breathing and flexibility and aims to improve your physical and mental health.

Yoga is for ever and research shows it can help combat high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains – including lower back pain as well as depression and stress. Feel better in body and mind by using Mammalo to find a verified professional yoga trainer to come to your home. Become fit and healthy in the environment you find most comfortable thanks to Mammalo.


Whatever your need, use Mammalo to easily search profiles of verified professionals who can help get you ready for summer.