Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is here and you want to show off your style but with the heat comes new challenges to keeping your hair fresh and on point. We can’t all have personal stylists tending to us every day like the stars but we can all be just as fabulous by following a few summer hair care tips to keep your hair looking great no matter what your style.

Recommended by professionals, these tips are guaranteed to help you look flawless on the beach this summer, beat the heat and keep the moisture.


Protect Your Locks

Coming into summer we know we have to use sunscreen and to cover up our skin where possible to protect ourselves from harmful UV exposure so why do we neglect our hair care? UV radiation damages causes protein loss, changing colour and taking away moisture.

If you really don’t need to have your hair out then compliment your outfit with stylish head wear like a sun hat. There’s also plenty of new summer hair care products with UV protection on the market so when you wash your hair why not use a shampoo specifically designed to protect your hair this summer? With a bit of extra protection your hair can stay perfect this summer.


Summer Hair Care


Keep Hair Loose And Reduce The Heat

As we mentioned above, summer brings more UV radiation than we’re used to and the heat does our hair no favours.

Next time when you’re drying your hair put the hairdryer down and let it naturally air out. If you have to blow dry it then use the cold air and not the heat setting – you want to keep your luscious locks as cool as you can.

The less strain on your hair this summer the better, avoid tight hairbrushes and use wide toothed combs to give it space and avoid tugging, this needs to stick with your final style too as you should avoid tight gripped styles and go for a looser more comfortable look.

Keeping dry hair tight can cause damage to hair so take the risk away, keep it loose and fun.


Summer Hair Care


Condition and Spritz

In the summer we recommend washing your hair less as you want to keep the natural oils present which makes conditioning all the more important. Over washing can strip your hair and cause damage whereas if you wash it less and use conditioner it gives your hair a natural shine and keeps it smooth and soft as well as preventing breakages.

Another top tip to protect your hair in the heat is to keep it moisturized on the go by keeping a small spray bottle with a mixture of water, aloe vera juice and avocado oil in your bag so you can top up the moisture throughout the day to prevent it drying out. For those of us with beards the principals are the same, you need to keep that beard looking it’s best so be sure to use oils to protect that facial hair and keep you looking fresh.


If you have some summer hair care tips of your own then join Mammalo today and offer your services as a verified professional hairdresser to keep the nation looking great by working on your own terms.