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Ace Wimbledon With Mammalo Tennis Training

The world’s most famous Tennis tournamentThe Wimbledon Championships – are almost here. Getting under way the 2nd of July and running until 15th of July the tournament sees the greatest players from around the world descend on All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London.

A British institution, the tournament is a highlight of every summer and Mammalo knows how you can get involved.


Whether you want to pick up a racquet and have some tennis training, or just watch from home, here is how Mammalo can make your Wimbledon special whether you’re a verified professional or want to book one. Game. Set. Match.


Tennis TrainingTennis Training

Starting your tennis training can be daunting and that is where we step in. Every year Wimbledon comes round we’re suddenly the world’s biggest tennis fans and want to step on the court ourselves…

But we don’t really know how but we do know someone who does.

By using Mammalo you can book a verified professional tennis coach to teach you how to play or to improve your game. If you want to be like Andy Murray in a hurry then check out Mammalo’s website today to find a coach fit for you.


Likewise if you’re already a Roger Federer then become a coaching creditor with Mammalo and control your own career. Setting up a profile takes less than two minutes and soon clients will be coming to you for court-side assistance.


Promise More Than Pimms and Strawberries

TennisA staple of Wimbledon is the nation’s sudden urges for Pimms and strawberries – they sudden become the staple diet for two weeks but you should stand out from the crowd.

Using Mammalo you can find Bartenders and Chefs to teach you new twists on the classics.

Like perhaps a Pimms Strawberry Daquirri or a strawberry cake washed down with a PimPom cocktail?

Whether you want lessons or want professionals on hand for a summer party we’ve got you covered.


Sitting Center Court

WimbledonIf you are lucky enough to get tickets court-side and will be rubbing shoulders with rich, famous and royalty on center court then you’re going to need to look the part.

Use Mammalo to find beauticians, hairdressers and stylists right on your door. Leave the tennis whites at home and dress to impress but also feel comfortable when you’re walking on Henman Hill.

Whether you want a make-over or just want a tidy beard trim, then we have the verified professional for you.


This Wimbledon, Mammalo is serving an ace, get on board and get it done!