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DJ & Wedding Band Cost in London

If you love to party, entertainment is going to be a priority when it comes to planning your wedding, and whether you are looking for a live band or a local DJ to mix up your favourite tunes, you’ll find music options to suit every taste in London. But how much do wedding bands cost, and how much should you budget for your reception? We’ll reveal all in our Complete Guide to DJ and Band Costs for Weddings.


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Average Wedding Costs in the UK

According to a National Wedding Survey released by Hitched, UK couples spend an average of £31,974 on their wedding. While a large chunk of that goes towards the wedding venue, food, honeymoon, rings, and drinks, around £900 is allocated for wedding entertainment, such as a live band or DJ, which accounts for just 3 per cent of the wedding budget.

A small price to pay to keep your wedding guests dancing all night, especially when compared to average wedding photographer prices (£1,600) and wedding makeup artist prices (£500), wedding entertainment is one area you can save on your big day.


DJ & Wedding Band Cost in London


So How Much Does a Wedding Band Cost in London?

The cost of hiring a wedding band in London varies considerably, depending on the size, popularity, and availability of the band. Some wedding bands charge a fixed rate per night, while others charge a fee per musician, and so you really need to shop around.

As a general rule, you should expect to pay the following for a full evening’s entertainment:

  • Single Musician: £250 – £350
  • Wedding Band Duo: £500 – £700
  • Wedding Band Trio: £750 – £1000
  • Wedding Band Quartet: £1000 – £1400
  • Wedding Band Quintet: £1250 – £1750


That said, there are numerous independent musicians, such as acoustic guitarists and pianists, who will perform at your wedding for much less than established bands. If you are looking for a cheap wedding band in London, there are options available from as little as £10 per hour, although we recommend you visit one or two of their gigs before booking their services to ensure they meet your reception music needs.


Choosing The Right Wedding Band for Your London Wedding

Finding a wedding band in London is easy, there are hundreds, if not thousands of talented musicians in the city, but that makes the job of choosing one more difficult. A good place to start is with recommendations from family and friends, but you may have to hit the London Club scene to find the perfect band for your nuptials.

Before you do that, you should determine the following:

  1. Does your wedding venue allow live bands? It may seem like a silly question, but many reception venues in London do not allow live music, and others simply do not have space for a larger wedding band and the equipment they bring. So check this out before you start looking for wedding bands.
  2. What type of music are you looking for? There are many options available from Jazz and Soul to Pop and Rock, so you need to find something that suits your tastes and matches your wedding theme.
  3. Do you want the band to play all evening? Or are you going to mix things up with a DJ? Some bands charge by the hour, while others have a fixed fee for the night, so you could end up paying more if you only want a band for a two-hour set.
  4. How far will the band have to travel to your wedding venue? If you are getting married in central London, and employing a local wedding band, travel costs will most likely be included in the nightly/hourly price, but if your band has to travel to a reception venue outside of the city, they may charge an additional fee for travel expenses.
  5. How much do you want to spend? Some of the best wedding bands in London charge considerably more than the averages listed above, so establish how much you want to spend, and how much the band costs, before you go and see them perform.


So How Much Does a Wedding Band Cost in London?


Mix Things Up With London’s Best Wedding DJ

If you want to keep your wedding guests dancing into the early hours, one of the best ways to do so is with a wedding DJ who will mix up your favourite tunes all night long. The average wedding DJ cost in London is £400 – £600, although you can expect to double that for the city’s top DJs. Your wedding venue may have a resident DJ, but compare their prices with local DJs in the city, and try to view one of their functions before you commit.

Your wedding music is going to be one of the things that you and your guests remember most about your wedding day, so budget accordingly, and make sure your wedding reception is the wedding party of the year!


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