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Five Tips For Working As a Waiter

Working as a waiter is not always the most pleasant experience, oftentimes you’ll find yourself stuck with boorish customers, unruly children, or perpetual complainers. Even then they probably won’t leave a tip but if you’re looking to be the best you can be, there are ways to fight back! Follow these tips for working as a waiter and see if you can charm even the most miserly tippers into giving up the goods.


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Tips for a waiter


Be polite

This probably goes without say but it’s always important to be polite, this is a service industry and your customers are paying for a good service. Say hello, smile a lot, offer them whatever they would like, and try to be as prompt as possible. Communication is imperative so let them know if there are any expected delays or problems that may occur and they’re sure to be more receptive to you.

Of course, there are times in every waiter’s life when you have that one difficult customer, it’s too slow, too hot, too cold, too good, and the temptation to clobber them over the head with serving tray is all too real. But in situations like this, you just need to grit your teeth.

These kinds of people are probably never going to tip in the first place, though if you try to kill them with kindness, instead of with a kitchen knife, you may just win them over.


waiter tips


Be friendly but don’t cross a line

Just as you should avoid being rude to customers, you also need to be mindful that you are not overly polite. It’s hard to know exactly where this line is but use your best judgement.

For example, if a customer is inviting you to talk then by all means converse with them, but if you’re just hovering around them and interceding in their conversations unbidden then they probably won’t take too kindly to that.

Use your head and think how you would react if the situation were reversed. There’s nothing wrong with a joke here and there, but be respectful of your customers and they’re much more likely to be respectful of you.



You’re handling food for heaven’s sake! Wash your hands and wear a clean shirt!

Cleanliness is next to godliness and this is doubly true in a restaurant. Always ensure that you’ve cleaned underneath your nails properly, there’s no food on your clothes, and that you look presentable.

Also, one of my favourite waiter tips, try not to smell.


waiter tips


Learn the menu

One of the best waiter tips we have to offer is to make sure you learn the menu. This not only shows that you are experienced at what you do, it instills confidence in your abilities in the customer making them much more likely to trust you.

If someone is struggling with what to order and you can help them out with a perfect recommendation from the top of your head then, believe me, this translates into tips very nicely.


waiter tips


Sell, sell, and sell

A restaurant is, after all, a business. If you can up-sell your customers on higher value items on the menu then you’re making more money for the business and yourself.

Again, there’s a line here and you need to know when you’re crossing it. The last thing you want is to come across as pushy or obnoxious, but if you can gently guide customers towards the delicious, mouth-watering (and more expensive) items then it’s going to reflect well on you.


If you follow these tips for working as a waiter, then you’ll have no trouble at all raking in all of that extra tip money. If you think this sounds like you, then sign up to Mammalo today and show us what you’ve got.


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