How much does a wedding photographer cost in London

How much does a wedding photographer cost in London?

A wedding photographer is one of the most important people you’ll hire for your wedding and it’s crucial you get it right! In this post we’ll look at why you need a professional wedding photographer and how much a wedding photographer in London costs. We will also give you the lowdown on wedding photography to ensure your big day runs without a hitch!


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Choosing the right wedding photographer

Remember that the photographer will also be a guest at your wedding and so you want to feel comfortable with the person that you are considering. Choose the wrong wedding photographer and the whole vibe of your wedding could be totally different!

The experience you and your guests receive from your chosen photographer can either make the wedding a really enjoyable experience or one that you can’t wait to end.

It will also take a hefty chunk out of your wedding budget. But, it’s worth it. The flowers die, the champagne gets drunk and the cake gets eaten but the memories last forever. A skilled professional captures pictures that tell a story which you can treasure for years to come!


wedding photographer cost in London


What is the average cost of a wedding photographer in London?

The average cost for a wedding photographer in London is £1520.

Photographers in central London typically cost a more premium price. However, some will be cheaper and others more expensive depending on the wedding photographer and the package you choose.

The cost of a luxury wedding photographer can start from anywhere between £1500-£2000 going up to and above £5,000.


How to choose a wedding photographer in London

The two main factors to consider when choosing a wedding photographer are as follows:

  1. Style: s/he will have their own personal technique. Many shoot in a documentary style, capturing the moments as they unfold. Others are more traditional and will focus on more posted shots.
  2. Budget: your choice will very much depend on your budget. Most photographers offer special wedding packages and fortunately there are wedding photographers in London to suit all types of budgets.


Things to consider if you are working on a tight budget

If you are working on a tight budget, you might want to consider the following factors before setting the date:

  1. Location: try to book someone local if possible to save on travel costs. If s/he lives miles away it will hike up the cost!
  2. Date: if you get married ‘off season’ the photographer might be willing to do you a special deal. Remember that weekends are also more expensive so you will save money by getting married on a weekday.
  3. Experience: a photographer with less experience is going to charge less. You might also be able to hire them for just half a day. The downside is that someone who has only done a handful of weddings won’t have the people skills and technical knowledge of working in this very past faced environment. But, we all need to start somewhere and if you are willing to give them a shot, then why not!
  4. Photo Format: you could just buy the digital rights to your photos and print them off yourself.


What do wedding photography packages include?

Your wedding photographer will often offer special packages. These include services such as retouching, prints and wedding photo albums. S/he may even offer a bespoke wedding website, a virtual reality video, and even drone shots!


Choosing the right wedding photographer


Confirm the cost of your wedding package in writing

To avoid any nasty surprises, always get written confirmation of what is included in your wedding photography package.

You can’t beat seeing your photos in print. Although having a digital version is great, you want the photos to tell the story of your wedding day. And stories are best told by showing a collection of photos in a sequence in an album . In addition to your wedding album, you might want to treat family to a copy of your own album, especially your parents. But, obviously the choice is yours!


Final thoughts about hiring a wedding photographer in London

The cost depends on your total wedding budget. It’s an important decision to make so do your research carefully. Maybe have a think about the experience you would like to receive. Then decide what you would like to include in your wedding photography package.

Your wedding photos are an investment that you’ll treasure forever, Therefore, it’s worth taking time to find the right wedding photographer and at the right price!


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