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How To Build A Photography Portfolio

If you fancy yourself a photography expert but don’t know how to get your name out there, then creating a portfolio is a good place to start. Your portfolio is essentially your shop window, it’s where you can showcase your work, styles, and general aesthetic. But how do you create a photography portfolio? Trust, the big word sounds scarier than it really is, take a look at this Mammalo guide and see how you can get started today.


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photography portfolio


Keep it concise!

Look, I know you’re a great photographer and you know you’re a great photographer, but this is about showcasing how great you are to prospective employers. Unfortunately, they don’t have the time to sit and look through thousands of your pictures giving each one the attention it deserves.

Instead, try to pick only the very best you have to offer, the real crème de la crème. Doing so not only shows off your top work in a manageable and well-structured way, it also shows off that you have a good eye and can critique your own work in a non-biased way. Nobody ever wants to admit that some of their work isn’t their best but if you can demonstrate this ability, it will help you stand out.


photography portfolio


Keep it focused!

Making a photography portfolio that you can show to everyone may seems like it’s saving you time but it’s very easy to wind up with a jack of all trades, emphasis on the master of none. Having a generic portfolio will only end up hurting you in the long run and you’re probably going to want several hyper focussed portfolios to get the most out of your work.

Don’t worry though, this may sound like more work but actually it’s going to save you a lot of time in the long run.

Say you’re offering to take photos of a birthday party, you may be able to do that easily, but the potential client needs to see that you can. Your collection of stunning scenic vistas may look nice, but it doesn’t really convey that you can do the job that’s being asked of you.

Always make sure your portfolio is relevant for the job at hand to improve your prospects of getting the job.


photography portfolio


A strong beginning and end

Just like existence itself, your photography portfolio needs to start and end with a bang. The first image in your portfolio should immediately capture the attention of whoever’s viewing it, which means you should absolutely put your best photograph in at number 1.

First impressions are very real and made very quickly. It’s imperative that you make a bloody good one.

The same goes for the last picture, you want to leave the potential client with something to ruminate over, something that leaves a lasting taste for them to remember you by. Always use one of your best pictures last.

As hard as it is to say, many people won’t look to the very end of your portfolio, so you don’t want to use your best product here, but those who do reach the end need to be rewarded for sticking by you.

Not only does a strong finisher make you look like a genius from beginning to end, but it also helps to leave a strong lasting impression.


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