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How To Hire A DJ For Your Wedding Or Party

When looking to hire a DJ for your wedding or party it can be tough to know where to start, how do you ensure that the person you hire will be able to capture the exact mood that you’re looking for, especially if it’s a momentous occasion like your wedding! Mammalo is here to show you how to hire the right DJ for your wedding or party.


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dj at home mammalo



The first thing you’re going to want to check for when your hire a DJ is whether or not they’re suitable for your particular function. Many DJ’s focus on specific subsets and genres of music, it’s what gives them their unique selling point. while you might find someone who’s the best Hardcore House DJ in the world, you might not want to book them for a quiet ceremony in the English countryside.

Of course, there are tonnes of DJ’s who cater specifically to functions, but maybe you don’t want just any old wedding DJ maybe you want someone who specialises in folk, or disco, or indie. All of these things need to be considered when you’re looking to hire a DJ.



Once you’ve decided on the kind of DJ you want to hire it’s worth taking their experience into account. Lots of companies that let you hire DJ’s often don’t have a that many experienced people on staff and while there’s no reason to doubt the talent of these newcomers, it’s always better to go for those who’ve been in the business for longer.

This is especially important for Weddings. Parties, you can be a bit more lenient with your DJ’s but on your wedding you want everything to go off without a hitch!




If you’re still unsure of whether or not you want to hire one of the DJ’s that you’ve found, reviews are always a good way to be sure. Most DJ hire companies (and Mammalo) will allow you to browse reviews left by other people. According to the Local Consumer Review of 2018, as many as 90% of people read reviews online before doing anything and 84% of those people trust reviews as much as they would their own friends.

While this isn’t to say that reviews are the be all/end all of a person’s credibility for the job at hand, it is a useful tool to help you make an informed decision. Married couples in particular are likely to leave a strong review if their special day was made just that little bit better by a good DJ.



The personality of a DJ can also count for a lot when you’re looking to hire a DJ. We all know the old cliché of the DJ who talks over every single song in such an inaudible manner that we start to question why he’s even doing it in the first place. Some people love this, and find it a quintessential part of the British wedding experience, some people (understandably) find it absolutely infuriating.

If you can find videos online of your chosen DJ at work, that’s a great way to get a glimpse of how they’ll actually perform on the night.

Alternatively, why not arrange a phone call with your chosen DJ, it doesn’t have to be a job interview but it never hurts to get to know them a little bit to see if you gel.


If you follow this guide on how to hire a DJ then you should have no problems finding the perfect person, why not try out your newfound knowledge by booking a DJ on Mammalo right now.