Life as a security guard

Life as a security guard

Security guards are some of the more unsung heroes of the working world, many people take for granted that they are constantly on standby, observing, and ready to make a move to protect us or our belongings. While life as a security guard may not be as exciting as protecting the president there’s a lot more to it than the likes of Paul Blart Mall Cop would have you believe, especially when you get the chance to be your own boss.


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Life as a security guard


Typical day for a security guard

To give you a better understanding of what the life of a security guard is like, we took a look at the average day in the life of these stalwart protectors.

A typical day for a security guard could begin at night, security guards typically take shift work which can range from any time of day, including night shifts.

Whatever the starting time, a guard’s first port of call will be a briefing. This will either come from the head of security or from the previous guard. By reading the notes of the previous shift the current guard will have an understanding of what went on, whether there were any issues, and anything that they should be aware of during their shift. With this information in mind, it’s time get to work.

Next on the list is when the job starts in earnest, making the rounds. During this time the security guard will be expected to inspect and monitor the areas that they are responsible for and noting anything that may be out of place.

Has there been any sign of entry? Is something not where it should be? Is there a man tied to a chair being doused in gasoline by Michael Madsen? These are all things that security guards need to be on the lookout for, and the best of them will be able to tell if even a screw is out of place.


Life as a security guard


What a security guard does?

If the security guard does notice anything out of the ordinary, then it’s their duty to either make a note or contact the appropriate authorities.

Most security guards will be expected to make these rounds once every hour though some jobs may require a less frequent trip.

In any case, when not walking their beats, life as a security guard will entail being expected to monitor the surveillance camera screens, keeping a close eye on the whole operation. A security guard can’t be expected to be everywhere at once but modern technologies like this act as the hub of the operation, allowing any suspicious behaviour to be noted from a safe distance and the proper authorities to notified if the situation warrants it.

Some people may say that life as a security guard lacks excitement, but a good security guard knows that a quiet shift is a good shift. Guards are not there to be the arbiter of justice on the premises, but they are there to ensure the safety and security of all involved.

If you’re shopping trip or storage facility is undisturbed, then you know you’ve got some top-class officers looking out for you.

On the off chance that something does happen, incident prevention is a big part of the job. Security guards are there to catch any unscrupulous behaviour and nip it in the bud before it has the chance to escalate, whether that’s diffusing a situation with a problematic individual, or moving on any parties who could be prone to mischief.

Of course, in the unfortunate even that things escalate, however rare this may be, security guards need to be fast on their feet and strong in a pinch to help contain any potential outbursts before alerting a higher authority.

Once the shift is complete, their next duty is to ensure their notes are complete and ready to handover to the next guard so that the cycle can begin again, such is life as a security guard.


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