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Security Guards Cost London

With crime rates across London at an all-time high, it is no surprise that many homeowners, business owners, schools, and event venues are hiring security guards to protect their family, pupils, and investments. If you are thinking about hiring a security guard, and would like to know more about the costs involved, you’ll find all the details right here in our Complete Guide to Security Guards Cost London.


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State of the Nation: Crime Rates in London

According to data released by the Metropolitan Police, crime rates in London are on the increase, with an overall rise of 7.87% between September 2018 and September 2019. Theft is the most common crime reported in the city, with 264,633 cases reported during the last 12 months, along with 87,459 burglary cases, 40,458 robberies, and 60,461 cases of arson and criminal damage.

The top 10 crime spots in London include Southwark, Camden, Newham, Lambeth, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Croydon, Haringey, and Brent, with Westminster taking the number #1 spot. There are almost 50 per cent more crimes here than anywhere else in the city, with a reported 71,034 crimes reported in the last 12-months alone.

The statistics speak for themselves, and while the London Metropolitan Police are doing their best to keep the city’s residents safe, cuts in police funding have reduced the number of officers on our streets, leaving many people turning to private security companies for protection.


Security Guards Cost London


Why You Should Employ A London Security Guard

Security guards offer a variety of services for residential and commercial premises, and whether you are looking for someone to watch over your small business at night, a guard to prevent shoplifters in a busy store, or a strong physical presence at your door to deter would-be criminals, a security guard can provide the services you need to feel safe.

Here are the most common services offered by London Security Companies:

  • Event Security
  • Front Door Security (restaurants, clubs, etc.)
  • Personal Escort
  • Retail Theft Prevention (shops, markets, etc.)
  • Night Patrols
  • Crowd Control
  • Personal Protection/Bodyguard
  • Apartment Block Security
  • Business Premises Security
  • School Security
  • Physical Presence to Deter Crime (social gatherings, music festivals, etc.)
  • Public Area Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Industrial and Construction Site Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Private Residence Security


Professional security guards not only provide peace of mind, but they are a highly effective deterrent, particularly when it comes to theft and burglary, and so they are an investment for anyone who feels vulnerable or who resides in a high-risk area of the city.


How Much Does a Security Guard Cost in London?


How Much Does a Security Guard Cost in London?

You may be surprised to learn that you can hire a security guard in London for as little as £10 per hour. The amount you pay will vary greatly, depending on where you are based in the city, the working hours you require, and the level of risk involved, but security guards are more affordable than ever before, and when you consider that the cost of crime in Britain exceeds £1.9 billion every year, it’s a small price to pay for protection.

Here is a list of average Security Guards Cost London:

  • Retail Security: £10 – £12 per hour
  • Private Residence Security: £10 – £12 per hour
  • Events Security: £10 – £20 per hour
  • Small Business Security: £12 – £20 per hour
  • Corporate Security: £15 – £20 per hour
  • Personal Security (Bodyguard): £20 – £30 per hour
  • CCTV Monitoring: £10 – £15 per hour
  • Construction Site Security: £10 – £15 per hour
  • Security Guard with Dog: £15 – £25 per hour


The above costs are per security guard per hour. Some security firms in London will offer you a fixed rate for a larger job, and discounts for long-term contracts.


Can You Hire an Armed Security Guard in the UK?

Under UK law, security guards are not allowed to carry any weapons such as guns, tasers, batons, and pepper spray, and so you cannot (legally) hire an armed security guard in London. Under the Criminal Law Act of 1967, security guards are allowed to use ‘reasonable force’ to prevent crime, and they can apply handcuffs when making a citizen’s arrest.


What to Look Out For When Hiring a Security Guard in London

To work in the private security industry in the United Kingdom, all security guards must obtain a Security Guard License issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). To be eligible for an SIA license, guards must be at least 18-years old, have the right to work in the UK, and they need to pass a security guard training course.

Security Guard SIA Licenses are valid for 3-years and must be renewed every three years. It is therefore important that you check the validity of any security guards license before employing their services.


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