vodka cocktails for spring
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Vodka Cocktails for Winter 2019

Winter is coming, along with those long winter nights. With all of this extra cold our collective attention is naturally turning towards sitting at home around a fire with friends, which often goes well with a nice drink in your hand. To get you ready for the cold, Mammalo has come up with a few vodka cocktails for Winter 2019.


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Vodka Winter Bramble

What do you need:

50 ml vodka (or more)

A drop of lime juice

6 raspberries

Half a lime





The vodka bramble is an excellent way to start your winter, the light fruity flavours will get you in the mood for the cosy weather to come and help make the dreary winter and early months of the year a blast.

To start you’ll need to make a gomme, a fancy word for sugar syrup, just add the sugar to boiling water and stir. Keeping adding the sugar a spoonful at a time until you’ve achieved the consistency you need, which should be just slightly thicker than water. Once this is done leave it in the fridge to cool.

Next, remove the top and bottom of a lime and slice the rest into 6 equal slices and crush, preferably with a pestle and mortar. Then add the raspberries and repeat the squshing, but a bit more gently this time.

Crush some ice, either with a crusher, wrap it in a towel and bash it to bits before filling most of the glass with your fruit and ice.

Add about 25ml of syrup, two shots of vodka, and then a pinch lime juice. Give it a stir and you’re ready to enjoy responsibly, simple right?


vodka cocktails for spring


Vodka Mojito

What do you need:

16 sprigs of mint

½ cup of caster sugar

1 ½ cups of lime juice

3 cups of ice (crushed)

500 ml vodka

750 ml soda water



Who doesn’t love a good mojito? While it’s definitely more of a summer drink, it’s still one of our favourite vodka cocktails for winter. There’s no harm in starting a little early (very early) with giving yourself some sunshine. Mojito’s are best produced en-masse allowing you to share the good times with a group. Make a pitcher and let the good times roll, provided you enjoy it responsibly!

To start you need to place the mint and sugar into a large pitcher, around 2 litres capacity, and then grind it up with the use of a rolling pin or pestle, combining the mint and the sugar.

Next, add the lime juice to the solution and stir until its properly mixed, add the ice until the jug is about half full and pour on the vodka. All you need to do now is add the soda water, stir, and serve!


vodka cocktails for spring


Vodka Martini

What do you need:

15 ml vermouth

60ml vodka (ideally potato vodka)

Olive on a toothpick (if you’re feeling classy)



If you’re looking to channel a bit of James Bond 007 and really add a touch of class to your Winter celebrations, then the vodka Martini is an absolute must. What’s more is that it’s incredibly simple to bring together.

To start crafting this vodka cocktail for winter, start with pouring the 15ml of vermouth and the 60 ml of vodka into a mixing glass and then fill it with ice cubes. Then it all depends on whether you’re a fan of the James Bond books or movies, in that case you’ll want to shake the mixer, not stir it. If not, you’ll want to stir it, not shake it.

Once the mixture is complete, pour it into a martini glass through a small strainer and garnish the glass however you feel. Voila!


These are just a few of our favourite, and simple, vodka cocktails for Winter 2019 but if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, why not book your own verified professional bartender on Mammalo?


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