World cup fever

World Cup Fever With Mammalo

If you’re anything like us then World Cup fever has well and truly arrived. We’ve forgotten the past and got caught up in the excitement all over again – there’s nothing quite like it.


What better way to celebrate the event by holding your own? Using Mammalo you can host the perfect World Cup viewing party. We have a range of verified professionals who are ready and waiting to help you. It’s as easy as a kick of a ball, you don’t need to be Lionel Messi to use Mammalo.


And by the way… England are definitely going to win this one, we swear!


Home Technology Support

While you might not be able to sit in the company of thousands of others fans in Moscow you can still experience the roar of the crowd in your own home in the company of friends.

Using Mammalo to find home technology support specialists to have the perfect large screen or projector experience with surround sound. You don’t have to miss out on the collective experience with Mammalo.

Get behind the boys by cheering them in high definition, find professionals right on your door who can deliver the viewing behind your party.

World cup fever


Food and Drink

Now you have the match ready to go you’re nearly there; except for a couple of important ingredients. A party needs food and drink!

Using Mammalo we can take that stress away.

Browsing through our verified professionals’ profiles, you can find the perfect fit to serve and delight. Whether its a smaller get together and you need a personal chef or want a caterer to provide a bigger spread, we have you covered.

Top it off with a World Cup trophy cake. To wash it down get yourself a specialized bartender to work their mixology magic with their cocktail concoctions.


World cup fever


Party Planner

If you’re too busy with World Cup fever to plan a party then we have you covered too!

Find a party planner with Mammalo who will take care of all the details for you. Work with them to create a plan and they’ll take it from there handling your home technology support, food and drink and whatever else you need ready for match day.


That’s how you can throw the perfect World Cup party using Mammalo, we have our kit at the ready and are waiting for our invite!