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Electrician Cost London

Need a sparky? Wondering how much electricians charge in London? Find out everything you need to know about hiring a professional in the city, and how much it will cost to do so, with our Complete Guide to Electrician Cost London.


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Why You Should Hire An Electrician

You may be a dab hand at changing a wall socket and replacing lightbulbs, but when it comes to more complex electrical installations such as rewiring a room, replacing a fuse box, or installing new lights, there are many reasons why you should hire a skilled electrician:

  • Safety:It is estimated that 1.2 million British citizens are injured every year by electrical accidents at home. While the majority of these injuries are caused by electricity-related fires, several casualties and fatalities are caused by cooking appliances, white goods such as tumble driers and dishwashers, and faulty installations.
  • Regulation Compliance: All electrical work carried out in the UK must comply with Part P of the Building Regulations, and it should meet BS 7671, the national standard for electrical installations. This applies to both DIY and professional installations and is designed to help prevent electrical hazards in the home.
  • Home/Buildings Insurance: If your electrical installations do not meet the above regulations, you could void your home insurance policy and any electricity-related damage to your property, or indeed yourself, will not be covered.
  • Peace of Mind: You may be tempted to save a few pounds by doing it yourself, but electrical work carried out by a UK-registered electrician comes with peace of mind. You’ll also get a guarantee, so if something does go wrong, you’re fully covered.


So now we’ve established why you need to hire an electrician in London, here’s what you should expect to pay for one.


How Much Do Electricians Cost In London?


How Much Do Electricians Cost In London?

Electricians are skilled professionals, and as such, they come at a price. While many will charge you a fixed hourly rate, most prefer to charge a fixed price for a specific job, which allows them to factor in expenses such as travelling time, taxes, materials, and labour costs.

Rates vary across the city depending on experience, reputation, and location, but to give you some idea, the average hourly rate of a London electrician is £35 – £50 per hour.

Here we list the most common jobs carried out by electricians and what you should expect to pay for them:

  • Emergency Electrician Cost: If you need an electrician in a hurry, you will have to pay a premium for out-of-hours service. In London, this could be anything from £70 – £100 per hour, potentially more. When calling out an emergency electrician, ask them to confirm their rates before they arrive, and if they seem exorbitantly high, shop around for other quotes.
  • Common Electrical Installations: For everyday jobs such as repairing or replacing an electrical socket, or installing a new ceiling light, you can expect to pay a standard hourly rate of £35 – £50 plus the costs of fixtures and fittings. London electricians have a minimum charge, usually one hour, so you will pay this even if they are only with you for 20 minutes.
  • Fuse Box (Consumer Unit) Replacement: It can take an entire day to replace a fuse box (also known as a consumer unit), and so most electricians will charge you a fixed rate for the day. Based on current averages, this will cost somewhere between £400 and £500.
  • Electric Shower Installation: The average cost to install an electric shower in London is £250 – £400. You’ll also need a London plumber to help with this installation, so you should expect a total bill of around £500 – £700.
  • Repair a Damaged Cable: This is one electrical installation you shouldn’t try yourself! To hire a professional to do it for you, you will pay anything from £50 – £100, possibly more if they need to replace a large section of cable.
  • Electric Cooker Installation: If the power cables are already in place, this is a quick and easy job, and you may even be able to do it yourself if you are confident in your DIY skills, but for peace of mind, you can get a local electrician to do it for £35 – £50.
  • Electrical Inspection Report: If you are moving into a new home, it is a good idea to get an electrical inspection report to make sure everything is working as it should be and that none of your electrical circuits are damaged or overloaded. An Electrical Inspection Report in London will cost you anything between £100 and £300 depending on the size of your property.
  • Central Heating Wiring & Installation: Your electrician will give you a fixed price for installing and wiring a new central heating system. Like most jobs, this will depend on the size of your home and will cost anywhere between £300 and £1000.


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