Home improvements

Fresh Home Improvements

Here at Mammalo we’re always trying to find new ways to turn our house into a home, and what better time than September for some much needed improvements to your abode?

Spirits are high and the sun is out, so dust off the cobwebs and get out your tools.

Here’s a list of some of the most requested home improvements, so if you’re a professional who has the expertise and skills for any of the jobs below then join Mammalo today and we can help connect you clients who need your help.


A Glorious New Garden

In England we might complain about the rain every opportunity we get but if this summer has taught us anything it’s that the dark and gloomy stereotype of Britain is anything but true – we get our fair share of sun so let’s get out into our gardens.

This is often a neglected part of our homes but gardens can be a huge asset for socialising or even just to admire while you catch some rays.

Have you thought about getting a brand new wooden patio installed? Whether you prefer paving or decking there’s an endless supply of styles available. Add in the essential furniture like seating and a table then make the patio really come alive with some outdoor lighting or even winter proof the space with an outdoor heater, fireplace or chimney so you can still enjoy your garden on the cool autumn nights.


Home improvements


Open a New Window to the World

September best time to change the windows in your home improvements checklist so take the opportunity because the benefits are vast.

Windows are an essential part of the home in letting in light, preserving heat and giving you a view to the world, make sure you don’t neglect them. New energy efficient windows insulate your home and can lead to savings during the winter months; keeping you warm without turning up the heating.

As well as keeping in the warm, windows also keep out the noise, giving you peace and quiet despite your noisy neighbors!

For the style conscious among us, which we very much are at Mammalo, good windows provide added style and décor to your home. Whether you want period authenticity or your home has an ultra-modern aesthetic there’s a window for you.


Home improvements


A Man’s Bathroom is his Throne Room

An indispensable part of any home so make sure you turn it into a space you enjoy; whether you spend time relaxing in the bath, sprucing yourself up in the shower, or well… other things.

Make your bathroom somewhere you want to show off, pick a new style complimentary to your own and modernize the amenities beyond a couple of new tiles. This will not only transforms the room but also add value to your home, and water preserving options could lead to even further savings.

If you want to re-organize the space or keep it as is with new units, there’s a lot of flexibility in how you can modify the room, though our personal recommendations are a waterfall shower and a freestanding extra deep bath – both of these additions quickly turned our washroom into our favorite room. Turn that bog standard bog into your very own porcelain throne room.


If you’re looking to get these home improvements done quick, be sure to check out Mammalo today!