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How To Be A Good Plumber

Are you a good plumber? A lot of plumbers think they are but even the masters get have been know to get it wrong. Sure, you have the skills to pay the bills but could you be doing more to give your customers just that little bit more satisfaction. We took a look at what how to be a good plumber to give you a few tips.


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good plumber


Physical skills

As with most trade professions, there will be a few innate skills you you’ll heavily rely on if you’re to excel as a plumber. You may have even spent years honing these skills but there’s always room for improvement. Your practical skill for example, will have been what you’ve relied on day in and day out, getting you to where you are but don’t forget the basics.

If you need to, you can always take a refresher course or look at some of the easier job you remember from training online.

A great way to reacquaint yourself with rudimentary skills is to teach somebody else. Maybe you’re a stage in your career where you want to impart your knowledge on the next generation? You could always take on an apprentice.

After all, as Einstein said, if you can’t explain something simply then you don’t understand it well enough.


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Mental skills

As we’re sure you’re aware, there’s a high degree of mental acuity required to be a plumber, despite what some ignorant people might think. Measuring, recording, and estimating are all vital parts of the job so it’s good to brush up on these skills when you have chance.

If you feel that your mathematical skills might be letting you down a little bit, then don’t be afraid to brush up. Number puzzles like sudoku and brain teaser have been shown to have enormously positive benefits for the brain over time.


good plumber


People skills

This is a big one. Whilst people skills may not be the bread and butter of your daily routine, they’re the sauce that stops it from being a practical, but incredibly dry, sandwich. Excuse the poorly constructed metaphor but the bottom line remains, if you’re terrible at talking with people then you’re probably not going to get as far as you could, no matter your skills.

Don’t forget, you’re in your clients homes, this is where they feel safest and if they don’t feel comfortable around you then you’re unlikely to get a second chance with them

Plumber of the year, 2016, Shaun Walker said:


There hasn’t been a job done, where I’m not welcome back.

I always try to keep my customers happy. Often we price jobs and we are not the cheapest, but they know they will get a first class job.


These are strong words indeed. It not only shows a level of competence it also shows a lot of confidence.

If you can imbue your customers with sense of well-being then you’re going to have so much work, you won’t know what to do!

Remember that a lot of trades jobs revolve around word of mouth, so creating these positive interactions with your customers is absolutely vital.


Being a great plumber is a fantastic career path that can literally change people’s lives, or at least stop them from having to re-book an entire holiday because their toilet decided to explode. If you feel that you’re one of the best, then sign up to Mammalo today.