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Modern Interior Design Trends

We’re now almost into 2020 and the growing trends have firmly bedded themselves into our homes. Here are Mammalo’s top interior design trends that have stood out in 2019 and set to blossom into 2020. Your home is your home and we’d always recommend putting your tastes and preferences first, however updating and staying on trend can reinvent your space as well as yourself.

The mere mention of interior design trends may throw some people off. We’ve stripped away the pretentiousness to bring you an honest breakdown of the styles taking the nation by storm.


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interior design trends



In recent times we’ve seen a move away from sterile and minimalist abodes. Designer outlets like Arighi Bianchi have further confirmed that with their 2019 ranges.

Grey can still be a neutral option for you to style around we’re now seeing earthy palettes such as sage become more popular; retaining an element of neutrality as well as bringing natural life into the home.

Painter Jessica Zoob has always had an appreciation of untamed landscapes, and she too believes 2019 has opened the door for more colourful expressionism within our homes while still keeping a softness, so strip away the neutrality from your walls and let your home have a soft breath of nature with your next colour palette.


interior design trends



The thing with interior design trends is you don’t need to over indulge poetic flourish, intricacy, and Feng Shui (trust us on this one, especially not Feng Shui) it is about a consistent flow and feel.

The texture trends within homes simply match and expand upon the colour palette.

While keeping the earthy natural feel we’re seeing a surge in up-cycling of older materiel and furnishings. In an age of recycling and appreciating our natural world we’re seeing it reflected in our homes. Neil Greenwood of Higgins Cladding agrees and theorised that’s in part down to people reminiscing of previous era’s of design and people from the 50s, 60s and 70s are incorporating older styles into modern living. Styles that traditionally have earthy feels lend to nostalgic retro up-cycling.

Travel has always influenced interior design in the UK, we’re a melting pot of cultures and ideas and that has spread into our homes. Fusion collections have become ever popular in 2019 and support the earthy colours and textures we’re adopting. Decorative items such as mandalas aren’t a fad, they’re representative of other cultures influencing us and developing our own.


interior design trends



This all amounts to the collective atmosphere and space of our homes moving past sterility and neutrality. Homely atmospheres inspired by nature, travel and our own past are leading to gorgeous lived-in designs.

Clean-cut is giving way to earthy vibrancy without becoming overly colourful. We’ve became more decorative with greenery and foliage making its way back into our homes; furthermore plants compliment the palette and textures of the new trends. People are finding more comfort and relaxation in the home, we’re not losing room from precision living to cluttered homes – modern living is just embracing our natural past.


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