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Back to University Study Skills

September means one thing, it’s time to go back to University. We hear your moans and groans but it’s time to put your head down and get to work. We want to help make your return is a bit easier, with some of the best study tips that helped us through school, university and beyond; they’re relevant to everyone.

So put mind over matter and pick up a book, we’ll get through this together!


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Our brains are marvelous things but you have to play by its rules to get the most out of it.back to university


Start Early

A lot of people make the critical mistake of waiting until exams, or coursework is due, to start their cramming. No, no, no. Don’t make this grave error and start studying early; whenever you learn something new take it home and make sure you understand it completely. This way you stay on top, it’ll make your future learning easier and when you get to exams you don’t have to panic because you’ve spent months as opposed to days preparing!

The key to this is consistency. You don’t have to go overboard either, as something as small as a half hour at home per night could make all the difference to your grades.


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Take a Break

When you go back to university be wary of overworking. If you overwork yourself then you may as well not revise in the first place. Don’t try to cram everything in at once in one big session, break things down and pace yourself. If you don’t have time to spread your studying across the week and have to make a day out of it then set yourself regular breaks. Have five minutes at the top of the hour to get a drink, bite to eat and to relax your mind. Give yourself rewards for meeting study goals too, incentivize the process.

Staying hydrated and well rested makes the world of difference to your revision. A tired, thirsty brain isn’t going to retain any information. If you start to feel stressed then check out our yoga tips to help calm you down and focus.


Make It Active

It’s all well and good repeatedly reading the information but when push comes to shove you won’t have the book to read from. To make sure you understand you need to put pen to paper yourself. Read, write, repeat.

The brain better retains information that it outputs itself, more than information it simply takes in. No matter what your subject is you need to write down your insight, method, interpretation or whatever it is you are revising. Even better if you can make your revision vibrant by adding coloured pens, paper or imagery – all these stand out and make associations within our brains that help us recall what we wrote.


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In an ideal world we’d have an infinite amount of time to revise but that’s one miracle we can’t provide. Time is precious so use it wisely by planning ahead. If there’s an area you don’t fully grasp then put that to the front of the queue, if it is something that’s worth a lot of marks compared to another then put it ahead.

Once you know what you need to study, work down your list in order of importance as that way you’ll get through all the major areas. If you do unfortunately run out of time you know it’s only the areas that you already know or aren’t worth many marks. Study smart.


No Distractions

Last but certainly not least is our advice to PUT THE PHONE DOWN! The number one problem is procrastination and smart phones are the main offender.

You want all of your attention to focus on your studying not social media. When you get back to university studies remove all distractions from your vicinity. Put it on air-plane mode but if that isn’t enough put it out of reach or hand it over to a friend. You can even link this to our previous tip of taking breaks and setting yourself rewards; our phones are like another limb to us but I’m sure you can manage an hour without.


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