Fitness training

Are You A Fitness Training Authority?

Are you an authority on Fitness training? Are you a revelation in motivation? Well, Mammalo needs you.

Market research shows the personal training industry alone is worth more than half a billion annually and is set to keep on growing, so if you want a piece of the pie you need to stand out from the crowd and Mammalo is here to help you. Be your own boss and control your career.


You can set up a profile in under two minutes and our tools are there to help you.


Become a verified professional on Mammalo and help get Britain moving today with its fitness training today. We’re on the lookout for professional personal trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists and more.


Personal Training

If you’re already a professional personal trainer or you want to become one then Mammalo is the only service you need. In a crowded industry it is hard to get yourself out there and make a name for yourself.

Don’t just be another name on a wall in your local gym or sharing your Facebook page to no avail.

Join Mammalo and let the clients come to you, based on your profile showing who you are and what you do. Whether you specialize in weight loss, general fitness training, weightlifting or anything else, there’s room for you on Mammalo.

Fitness training


Physical Therapy

Everyone at some point has some aches or pains or suffers an muscular or skeletal injury and if you have the magic touch to rehabilitate, then you’re in luck because we have the service for you.

Why should people be ignored by doctors or wait weeks for NHS referrals, or worse rely on your cousin’s friend’s recommendation of someone who tried to fix their dodgy shoulder with less-than-qualified acupuncture.


Help the nation feel its best and work the way you want on Mammalo.



They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but your nutritionists out there, know that every meal is important and that’s why we need your talents to help potential clients feel their best. Whether they just want to live healthier or have specific fitness goals, then you have the key. It’s no good just running yourself into the ground as your nutrition is half the battle.


Just a few examples of how you can use your skills to be your own boss with Mammalo. Join us today to boost your revenue and help people right at your door.