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Get Involved in Sport with Mammalo

Step into sport and make the most of the weather to keep fit and find a new hobby. There’s so many sports waiting for you and it couldn’t be easier to get involved.

The UK’s summer of sport has been an inspiration to us all. From another fantastic Wimbledon to England reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup; it has pushed us to pick up a racquet and start kicking a ball so you should too!


You can make it even easier by finding an extraordinary trainer on Mammalo. Whether personal trainer or specific sport coaching, they’re ready and waiting for you.


Here are five sports that you can start your journey this year.



Running couldn’t be easier to start your sport-filled summer. All you need is yourself and a pair of trainers: the world is your track.

Get out and enjoy the sun by journeying to scenic areas like parks or wooded area.

If like us you needed a bit of help to get going then there is a ton of running apps and programs such as Couch to 5k to get you started and professional trainers to keep you going. Run on your own terms when you want and where you want.


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All summer we were singing “it’s coming home” and while we didn’t win the World Cup (we totally nearly did though) football did come home. Our nation’s love affair with football has been invigorated and there’s never been more opportunities to take to the pitch.

From amateur leagues, five-a-side leagues or even just putting down some cones and practicing yourself – football is here.

All you need to get involved is a ball, easy right?



While Ireland dominated the Six Nations and England played their best during their tour of South Africa we’ve had our own summer heatwave. Great Britain has always been a major player in Rugby and with clubs up and down the country now is your chance to get involved.

It’s a sport that takes dedication on the pitch and in the gym and will certainly keep you fit while giving you a hobby to sink your teeth into.


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It’s cliché to say we’re lovers of Wimbledon just for the Pimms and Strawberries when really it’s because the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club really is the heart of Tennis.

Put down the Pimms and pick up a racquet. Bring a friend and try your hand at some doubles too!

Tennis is one of the easiest sports to learn but hardest to master making it a long term pursuit.


Find a professional tennis coach on Mammalo by checking their verified profiles to gain a helping hand in your progression from amateur to Andy Murray.



There is nothing more quintessentially British than an afternoon with the cricket. One of the few sports that has its traditional season during the summer means now is the time to find your local club and to step up to the wicket however due to the equipment needed Cricket is harder to get into but it is also physically less demanding than others giving its own appeal.

Pakistan came to visit England which resulted in a drawn series but then we managed to whitewash the Aussies and win all five matches against them. If England trumping Australia doesn’t inspire you to get on your cricket whites then nothing will!


If you want to get started today, then don’t wait. Sign up to Mammalo and get going!