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Mammalo Your Marathon Training

If you were left in awe, and honestly a bit out of breathe, after watching this year’s London Marathon and want to get involved next year then let us give you a helping hand.

The marathon is a grueling test and not recommended for the faint of heart but with a little help we can make it that little bit easier to accomplish turning your pipe dream into a realistic objective.


By connecting with local professionals based on their verified profiles on Mammalo you can scout your very own support marathon training network to help get you to the finish line.


How to enter the London Marathon


Baby Steps

running a marathonIf like us and you’ve only ever run for a bus then you’ve got a long road ahead.

One of the most important aspects about marathon training is the practice. Going for a jog around the park a week before the big day isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Get yourself some new trainers and hit the pavement as soon as possible to see your limits and from there gradually increase your mileage. You’re going to have to make a routine and keep it consistent, your body needs to ease itself in to your new Mo Farah mind-set.

But don’t just take our word for it listen to one of the many Personal Trainers and Sport Tutors on Mammalo, our range of local professionals are waiting to help you reach your goals.


You Are What You Eat

Eat wellOnce you’ve gotten serious with your training you will need to give yourself the right fuel. Don’t risk a breakdown because the AA doesn’t cover your legs unfortunately.

Running miles on end every week is going to be a culture shock for your body and you not only need the right energy but also the right nutrient content to help all your muscles and joints.

Mammalo has the Nutritionist for you – using their verified profiles chose the one suited for you. They’ll craft a meal-plan around your needs and help keep your body in tip-top shape while you train. What we eat and drink is often the most neglected part of marathon training so have an expert in your corner.


Put Your Feet Up

sport massageGoing hell for leather in your marathon training is good way to find yourself injured and putting your whole training plan at risk. You have a year to train so don’t forget to take care of your body.

Those 15 miles you did yesterday mean nothing if you got home with a torn muscle or a twisted ankle. At least you now have an excuse to get that massage you’ve always wanted.

Let Mammalo help take care of you with our range of Physical Therapists and Home Yoga Trainers. The stretches, breathing excises and more will be invaluable in keeping your body at its very best. Or why not find one of our Home Spa treatments for that extra bit of hard earned luxury?


Whatever your need remember its a marathon not a sprint so let Mammalo help you on this journey. Find local professionals to get you to the finish line in record time.


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