important languages to learn

Most Important Languages to Learn

We’ve always wanted to expand our world view with another language but never knew which one to learn. To help you decide we’ve put together a handy list of the most important languages to learn in 2018, thanks to a research by the British Council.

A poll by Populus shows that 64% of Brits always wanted to learn another language fluently, and that’s not surprising. We were lucky that English has been a globally dominant language but that is also a disadvantage as we’ve had less incentive to learn another.


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important languages to learn



Spanish has always been an important language and this shows no signs of stopping. The biggest factor being that it’s a global language; over 22 countries have Spanish as a primary language with half a billion native speakers. All over the world people call Spanish their mother tongue.

We love our holidays and more often than not find ourselves in Spanish speaking countries limited to “hola” and “una cerveza por favor”. Get in touch with local cultures more by learning the lingo.


important languages to learn


Mandarin Chinese

While this may be a surprising choice it is probably the most logical for the global workplace. Whilst not a popular choice it is becoming increasingly critical and could open some doors for opportunities in your career.

Mandarin is ranked second based purely on the strength of China in the international economy. More and more dealing is being done with China and they are generally less proficient in English than most of our trading partners. The economic hub of Asia has dealings globally, and is home to over a billion native speakers. Get ahead of the career curve by learning Mandarin.



France is our nearest neighbor and closest trading partner, something which is still important in 2018. Traditionally French is the most popular secondary language in school but interest has dropped in recent years.

More companies in the UK list fluent French as a desirable asset than any other language. In a Post-Brexit world where we’ll be dealing directly with other countries, being able to speak the language of our neighbor will be a huge positive. Behind Spanish speaking countries France is our next most popular holiday destination and likewise French visiting England.


important languages to learn



Arabic has always been a strong language with ties to culture but it is increasingly becoming an influential language economically speaking. The growth of Arab markets means Arabic has catapulted up the list of languages to learn.

Countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have a huge influx of foreign workers; speaking the language not only means you can better enjoy local life but also provides opportunities for your career.



Another language traditionally popular in the UK that is steadily increasing in demand. Germany has overtaken us as the hub of European business and this is likely to continue.

German has always been culturally and economically important but many companies are becoming German-based, in light of Brexit. They are already our second biggest export partner behind the United States and that influence is growing ever stronger.


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