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Philosophy Tutoring Prices London

If you dream of following in the footsteps of Aristotle and Socrates, and you are considering studying philosophy to improve your career opportunities, you’ll find everything you need to know about learning the ‘art of life’ in our Complete Guide to Philosophy Tutoring Prices London.

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What is Philosophy?

As the study of existence, truth, knowledge, and ethics, many people think that Philosophy is a complex subject, but it is actually very simplistic in nature, and if you are considering becoming a writer, lobbyist, market research analyst, financial analyst, or a computer programmer, a philosophy degree will provide an excellent foundation for your career.

In the Greek language, philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’, and there is perhaps no better way to describe the study of philosophy than that – a love of wisdom. For thousands of years, we have questioned the universe, the world, and our very existence, and philosophy attempts to answer those questions with its five main branches, namely Logic, Ethics, Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Aesthetics.

Philosophy is one of the most interesting subjects you will ever study, and on your quest for wisdom, you’ll develop important life skills such as mindful thinking, persuasive writing, and critical analysis that will help you excel in your chosen career and earn an impressive salary from day one.

How Much Does Philosophy Tuition Cost in London?

You can study philosophy at most London universities, but it comes at a price, and if you have neither the time nor the budget to study full-time, private philosophy lessons are a great alternative.

While philosophy tutoring prices vary across the city, depending on factors such as location, time of day, length of the lesson, and tutor experience, the average cost for a 1-hour philosophy lesson in London costs £15 – £35.

This may seem quite high, but when you consider that a Distance Learning Philosophy Course at the University of London costs anything from £2240 for a Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) to £5830 for a BA degree, and that excludes textbooks and exam fees, it’s a small price to pay for one-to-one tuition with a qualified philosophy teacher.

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Here are a list of key factors that will affect the price of your philosophy lessons in London:

  • Student Level: In the British educational system, philosophy is only available to study at advanced levels from A-Level onwards, and there is no philosophy GSCE at this stage, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start early if your chosen career requires a philosophy degree. Beginners lessons are considerably cheaper than advanced lessons, starting at just £15 per hour, and by learning the fundamentals early, you’ll be way ahead of your peers by the time you come to sit your philosophy A-Levels or degree.
  • Tutor Experience: It is unlikely that a Master of Philosophy will charge the same tuition rates as a tutor who is just starting out, and so tutor experience will play a huge role in the overall cost of your lessons. If you are looking for a beginners philosophy course, you probably don’t need to hire a tutor with a lifetime of experience, but if you are studying for your philosophy degree, a professionally-trained expert could be an investment in your future career.
  • Lesson Location: Do you want to study philosophy at home with a private tutor, or are you happy to attend group lessons at your local night school? Group lessons are invariably cheaper as the overall costs are split between students, but you don’t get that one-to-one support that you get with private tuition. For group philosophy lessons in London, you’ll pay between £15 and £25 per hour, but it is unlikely that you get a private tutor for the same rate.
  • Length of Lessons: While most philosophy tutors in London will charge you a fixed hourly rate, many offer 30-minute and 45-minute lessons for those on a tight budget. You could get a discount for booking lessons in bulk, and your tutor may give you a special rate if you pay in advance, so discuss the options available with your teacher and ask them to suggest a study plan that works for both of you financially.

How To Save Money on Philosophy Lessons

  1. Learn with a friend or small group, and split the costs of each lesson
  2. Supplement your private tuition with an online philosophy course
  3. Choose a recently qualified tutor
  4. Self-study at home to maximise the efficacy of your tutor’s teaching
  5. Avoid intensive study schedules, they are both stressful and expensive
  6. If possible, study during the day, and avoid evenings and weekends when tutors charge a premium
  7. Book and pay for your philosophy tuition in advance (but only if you get a discount!)
  8. Choose a philosophy tutor near you to avoid paying transport costs

Find the best local philosopy tutor that meets your needs and your budget with Mammalo.