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What are the average maths tutor prices in London?

You may be seeking to enlist the services of a maths tutor for a number of reasons. Perhaps, you feel that improved skills may help your job prospects or perhaps you would like to re-sit an exam. Alternatively, perhaps you have a child who is struggling to get to grips with the curriculum and needs support. Additionally, many tutors can also offer help in terms of developing confidence.


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What factors affect the cost of maths tuition?

There are few factor that affect the cost of math tuition.


What are the average maths tutor prices in London?



Generally, the lower the level of maths instruction required, the lower the price. Having said that, some tutors keep the price per session the same regardless. However, maths tutors must do more planning and preparation for more challenging areas of mathematics, hence the increased price for some. Perhaps, you are seeking support with something very precise. If an entirely bespoke form of provision needs to be created for you, this may set you back a little more.



Many tutors will travel to their pupils. Usually, this will incur an additional fee to cover transport costs. Some tutors will choose to incorporate this into the overall session price, so be sure to check this. Tutors can schedule fewer lessons when they have to travel, so the reduction in money from teaching is taken into account too. Alternatively, you may find that the tutor you are interested in employing the services of works from home. The price may be lower to reflect this. Be sure to calculate how much you will be paying for your own travel costs. If you feel comfortable with this teaching method, you may be able to employ the services of an online tutor.



Evening lessons tend to be the ones that the majority of people want. Most potential students attend school or college, thus making it impossible to attend during the day. If you are able to set aside time during the day, these slots may be priced lower to reflect the lower demand.

Experience tutors tend to charge more than newcomers. Those new to the industry will often have lower prices owing to the fact that they are trying to establish themselves within the market. The higher demand for a tutor, the more they are able to charge for their services. Many of the most sought-after tutors will also have waiting lists.


Type of lesson

For some pupils, a 1:1 lesson is the only option to consider. This may be as a result of low self-esteem or purely the need for a session with complete focus on them. However, for others, the possibility of a paired or group lesson may be considered. 1:1 sessions will always be priced higher than paired or group ones. You will usually be looking at a reduction of 25-50% for a shared lesson. The length of a lesson will also determine the amount of money you are expected to spend. Many tutors refuse to teach for less than one hour at a time. However, for younger pupils, a shorter lesson may be more suitable.

Many maths tutors also offer booster and examination revision sessions at certain times of the year. Usually, they are charged at a group rate, so you may find yourself paying between £10 and £20 for an hour.


Independent or agency

If you choose a tutor through an agency, you may find that you are paying slightly more for the service. The tutors may have to pay a set proportion of their fee to the agency and therefore raise their prices accordingly. Alternatively, the person seeking a tutor may have to pay the agency to receive the contact details of the tutor after initial messages have been sent. Choosing an independent tutor means that the fee you are quoted is exactly what you will be charged.


maths tutor prices in London


How can I find the right tutor?

It is always useful to speak to family members and friends who have used the services of a tutor in the past. They will be able to evaluate their tutor and give you advice. Additionally, you can seek information from online reviews. Do be aware that some people do trawl the internet, seeking opportunities to downgrade the ratings of certain professionals, so pay attention to responses from the tutor to any negative feedback. It is also possible that your school, college, university or even workplace could suggest someone who could support you in your mission to improve your maths skills or boost your confidence.

Many tutors also offer a taster session. Sometimes, this might even be free. It gives the student the opportunity to meet the tutor and see whether or not the working relationship could work.

There is no regulating body for private tutors. It is important to realise that there are no minimum qualifications for tutors, so you may be employing someone who is not a qualified teacher. While this does not mean that they will automatically be a bad choice, it could impact on their knowledge of teaching strategies, learning styles and special educational needs. Be sure to ask the tutor to see their enhanced DBS (disclosure and barring service) certificate. This will prove that the tutor has no previous conviction that may affect their ability to work within this industry.


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