The List transition logo.

If you’re reading this, you would probably already know we have changed our name to ‘The List’.

This post serves to give you a bit more information on why we changed the name from Mammalo to The List and what considerations came into play during the process.

First thing’s first – why even bother changing the name at all? It’s not like we had any legal issues with Mammalo.

As much as this is true, we didn’t feel the name fit what we were doing and what we wanted to become. It wasn’t self explanatory and it turned out to be hard to explain. – We were confused with animals and related to mammals a lot.

We wanted to find a name that better represented what we do and what we are striving for. We loved our old name, but with growth comes change and we decided that a name-change was the best way forward.

As mentioned in an email we sent to all our current members, ‘The List’ very simply portrays what we do and what we want to become in two words. The List portrays the following;

– We want to be the go-to platform to find and book local service providers for your at-site service needs. (A list full of people that can help you.)

– We want to help service providers grow their business and gain more customers by providing them with an all-inclusive tool that addresses every need and problem. (List yourself and be seen)

The Process

We started the process of changing the name nearly a year ago.

We knew we wanted to take the step and started looking for suggestions. We even asked a whole bunch of our members for their opinions and tallied a nice list with over 50 names.

We spent the next couple months comparing and shortlisting within the office and even some fellow co-workers. We initially had names such as;

  • Hero
  • Mamoolo
  • Helpr
  • Localhero
  • Talent
  • Service Hero

We spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting and decisions didn’t come lightly.

We eventually had a meeting with our board and advisors and cut the list down to about 20 names. We went through them all one-by-one and came down to a couple – Helpr was one of few that was shortlisted.

At this point, ‘The List’ had not even been mentioned yet!

Time went by and were still not convinced with some of the shortlisted names. We checked if anyone else had trademarked any of them, we checked for URLs and a whole bunch of other criteria, and it all worked out.

But… we felt something was still missing. We didn’t quite like the sound of names such as ServiceHero and Helpr. We also started to discover that they were stirring up the wrong kinds of emotions and connotations.

The Eureka-moment

After asking for feedback and doing our research we suddenly stumbled across a very simple, yet very powerful, realization. We were scrolling down our pages and genuinely felt like we had a secret list with incredible service providers on them that we personally would have loved to have had access to when we first moved over to London.

We then rediscovered how valuable our platform truly is. We saw ourselves as the ultimate list full of people that can help you out (oversimplified of course). If only we could find a name to describe such a thing…

What do you know! The List! We are the list you go to when you need at-home services delivered by local talented service providers.

We went through the usual process, finding the domains, checking for trademarks etc… and we were good to go!

So, now we’re – The List!

This is the end of a long and arduous project. A big thank you from everyone at The List to all the people who helped. From service providers to customers, we couldn’t have done it without you!

We know everyone in our amazing community will start to love the name as much as we do over the coming days and weeks.

Let’s continue this success and help each other get things done for many years to come!

As always, if you have questions or feedback, feel free to reach us on or through our direct phone line.

If you are a provider, make sure you check out our forum as we have many answers to questions over there! And if we don’t you can post a question or ask fellow entrepreneurs for advice too 🙂

All the best,

Andrea and Max