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As we mentioned during our Crowdcube campaign our name “Mammalo” has given birth to some funny comments around the similar-sounding Spanish word.

Since we’ve been focusing on planning our expansion, we also wanted to make sure that all the efforts we put into building the company’s brand are not being wasted.

For this reason, we are actively looking into changing our name. It can be painful to change the name of a product, but – being the optimists we are – we think this is a great opportunity to come up with something even better. Something every one of us can relate to.

Our commitment to transparency means we’d love your help finding something that will represent us from now on. We have set a couple of rules to narrow down our search:

  1. The name should be able to facilitate storytelling. (An example could be “Hero” as it can describe our Experts.)
  2. The name should be inspiring and work across different languages and cultures.

We’ll be accepting name suggestions until the end of next week. From there, we’ll go through the whole list, as well as our internal ideas, and narrow it down to find a name that we love and to keep us company for the next 100 years!

As soon as we’re ready, we’ll share our choice with you and go all-in with the new name and rebranding of the company.

Here is a little preview of our new Home Page, we hope you like it!

We’re also working on a special thank you for the person who suggests our new name, in addition (of course) to the lifelong bragging rights of being able to tell everyone, “I named that company!”

Come up with a great name yet?

Submit your idea for our new name