be your own boss

Be Your Own Boss with Mammalo

Mammalo knows there is a wide variety of talented people out there so let us help turn your passion into a profitable business.

Be your own bossForget that mundane 9-5 and let your talent flourish however it may.


Set up a profile on Mammalo to show what you’re about and what you’ve got to offer and we’ll help connect you with a waiting audience eager to reach out and utilize your service. Whether you’re into teaching, performing or transforming Mammalo wants to help you blossom and find the people in need of your help.


Teaching And Tuition


be your own boss


So you think you’re a bit of an expert do you? Well we do too!

Si vous êtes multilingue et que vous voulez enseigner, laissez-nous vous aider. If you can’t understand that then let us help connect you with someone who does.


On Mammalo we have a wide range of language classes that you can be a part of. If you can teach a language create a profile on Mammalo to show what you have to offer, your experience and your certifications to help reach an eager audience wanting to expand their international vocabulary, sei magnifico!


You don’t have to be a polyglot however as we’re looking for teachers from all sorts of fields whether that be academic, musical, or any actual sport’s field. If you have knowledge and expertise you can pass on then come to Mammalo and we’ll find the people who want to take you up on that offer. We like to think of ourselves as a school where you pick your lessons, your teachers and when it suits you. Oh and no detentions.



Are you tired of rocking out with no one to see?

Let Mammalo help you to be your own boss and find you an audience. You don’t have to be a bedroom Jimi Hendrix anymore with us.

We have people looking for live musicians for a variety of events so throw your hat into the ring by creating a profile. Advertise your musical talents and we’ll do the rest.

Once you’re on Mammalo you’re not lying anymore when you tell your friends and family you’re actually a musician. Get paid doing what you love and making connections.

If you’re a DJ, in a band or a solo performer check out Mammalo and see what opportunities await.




be your own boss


Are your friends always in awe of your hair and make-up skills? Are they always asking you to do their nails for them?

Turn that beauty hobby into a budding business.

Your friends have been test dolls long enough and you’re ready to offer your services to everyone in your local area.


Set up a profile on Mammalo and show some photos of your incredible work. Always high in demand we know you can help turn Britain beautiful! Be your own boss and take those beauty skills on the road meeting clients who were impressed with your profile.


Whatever your hobby may be, Mammalo offers you the chance to create a profile and reach a potential audience who can transform your hobby into a job. With everything all under one roof and easy to navigate means it is easier than ever for you to reach people looking for what you have to offer.