Along with the new update for Mammalo, we have introduced new badges to the platform to help customers navigate the available Experts. The badges are an indication of how good your profile is and what information you have provided for us to verify your capabilities.

List of Obtainable Badges;

Top Expert;

A Top Expert is an experienced Expert who serves as a shining example and ambassador for other Experts and delivers a high-quality service to their clients.

How to achieve the badge:

  • Be very responsive to requests
  • Accept and complete many requests
  • Rarely cancel already accepted requests
  • Have qualifications we have verified (with few exceptions)


A recommended Expert is one who has received a 5-star reference rating from a previous client who has recommended them to the platform. (You can send reference requests from within your profile.)

How to achieve the badge:

  • Have at least 1 reference with an exceptional rating


A Qualified Expert is an experienced Expert whose qualifications have been verified.

How to achieve the badge:

  • Send in at least 1 certificate/qualification attained by yourself per service you offer
  • Wait for it to be verified


An Expert who’s contact details have been verified and responds swiftly.

How to achieve the badge:

  • Verify your phone number
  • Verify your email address
  • Be very responsive to requests

Over time we are hoping to see more and more of you achieve these great badges! We will adjust the criteria to achieve them over time and introduce new tears.

The same way you can achieve these badges, you can also lose them!

We are also working on an incentive scheme, meaning, the more badges you have the better deals we can offer you as an Expert. These can range from better discounted fees to free premium services.

All extra’s will be explained when they are released. As always, we will keep you fully informed about any changes taking place.

We are here to help you find work and manage your schedule. We are committed to improving every single day and we will make sure that we give you the information and tools you need to improve as well.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

All the best,