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Take Charge Of Your Career

With Mammalo you can become your own boss. No more overbearing management or getting told when and where to work; join us to set your own conditions and it couldn’t be easier to control your career with Mammalo.

It is also an opportunity for you to get into the world of work with your skills. We give you the template to work the way you want and help connect you to clients.

Whether you’re a wise experienced handyman, or want to make your career with your photography skills, Mammalo is the right place for you.


your career


Join up today and create a profile to become a partner in under two minutes. This will be your gateway for clients, so make it strong by including as much detail about yourself and work history as possible, include images as examples of your ability. Show customers why you’re the best choice for the job at hand but most importantly be honest.

When creating your profile ask yourself why should customers chose you? Show them and stand out from the crowd.

Managing your business couldn’t be easier – you set your own conditions and our tools and system are there to support you. Clients request to book and you can either accept or reject the booking. Grow your revenue and set your pricing to earn a fair rate for the work at hand.

Our calendar tool is there to allow you to chose when and where you’ll work, Mammalo makes it easy to keep a schedule.

Payments are held securely with Mammalo, avoiding scams and protecting both you and the client.

When you accept a booking request we securely hold the payment from the client. Once the work is concluded and confirmed the funds will be released to you. The fee can also be reviewed upon completion if changes to the rate are necessary.your career


Most importantly Mammalo is a two way service as we serve both professionals and also make it easy for clients to find you in whatever field you’re in. Having a profile on Mammalo increases visibility for your career and the customers will come straight to you. Acting as a platform for verified professionals and a directory for potential customers.

There are thousands of potential clients right at your door and we’re the nexus to bring you together for the benefit of each other. Whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or phone our service is straightforward to navigate and use.


Get it done with Mammalo!